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4 Key Points ‘Shatta Wale Can Stay Relevant For About 10 Years Without Releasing Songs ?




4 key Points ‘Shatta Wale’ can Stay Relevant for About 10 years Without Releasing Songs?

With the upsurge of shatta wale and how he’s cemented his name and hit songs in the industry ,It’s not unknown without mischief that he can enjoy 10 years of Relevance without releasing songs !

√ Shatta Wale is literally the only artistes in Ghana currently with most hit songs in the industry .He got all the street Jams , moving from shows to shows on the street , there is basically no DJ who will thrill his audience without Shatta Wale’s songs ,a cursory look at Shatta Wale’s songs tells you the songs are danceable and keeps Patrons on their feet to the brim . If any DJ dared ignored Shatta Wale’s songs his audience go Loud silence and the show is basically dead .

√ Shatta Wale’s fan bases are the most loyal and committed on and off social media . whilst other artistes enjoy amalgamation of fans ,this man basically goes Solo of fans ,most of his fans are the people who believe in inspiration and hard-working ,they are self reliant and very committed to pushing the Sm brand ,some have vowed to swim in only songs that belongs their king ,these guys are basically young guys who will be relevant in almost 10 years to come . They do things with passion and don’t give up !

√The name Shatta Wale will keep him going . This name is a household name in Ghana ,he’s arguably the most mentioned artistes in the country and everyone has his name on their lips ,from the young to the old , within a period of years to come ,even shatta Wale can stop releasing songs ,with Just his name ,he will still fill venues with ease

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√ Bloggers and media houses will still keep him relevant . Just imagine shatta wale stops releasing songs within a period ? What will be some of the headlines ? Many media persons trying to understand him ? They will basically keep him relevant for the next generation to come ,one headline goes ‘Shatta Wale reveals his coming back Year ,2025 ‘

The name Shatta wale will be relevant in Years to come without releasing a song !Get it !


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Shatta wale – 1 Don


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