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A Plus Leads Bosom P Yung in a Potential Lawsuit Against Barclays Bank




Just as many thought they could jump on Bosom P Yung’s ‘Ataa Adwoa ‘ trend to do their own thing ,one could not realise that ,Using someone else’s intellectual property for commercial gains without the prior notice of the person is a Cryme in relation to the copyright law.

Social media trends by the said song got Kwadjo Nkansa known professionally as Lillwane
Who rose to fame through acting is in hot water for allegedly riding on the ‘Ataa Adwoa’ song to advertise for ‘Absa ‘ bank Formerly Barclays Bank .

Though , officials of Barclays Bank have released official statement distancing themselves from the alleged act denial that they knew nothing about the advert .

A plus has waded into the war teaming up and assuring the young art to demand what’s due him through a lawsuit .

In a Facebook post ,tho A plus posted a photo of himself and Bosom P Yung claiming they had met with the officials of Barclays Bank .

Through  his write up on Facebook ,he hinted on potential lawsuit as he wrote :


With @bosom_pyung After a meeting with officials of Absa Bank yesterday. I said to him, my brother, I was born to fight for the voiceless. I’ll ensure you get what you deserve. I don’t want 1 cedi from you. And yes!! I’ve done this over and over for free. The records are there to show. Facts are facts.

From the days of Sharon, when I demanded justice for her after she was stripped naked for allegedly going after her friends boyfriend, to Patrick who was hit by a billboard, to Daniel whose building was allegedly demolished by Asabee, to the taxpayers who pay toll and streetlights levy but never get streetlights – this fight shall continue unabated and no amount of insults or accusations can stop me.

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Nobody will be allowed to abuse anyone in this country. Not even a government or its appointees. Our founding fathers entreated us to resist the oppressors’ rule With all our will and might. Freedom and Justice is out motto ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿


It should be noted that it’s illegal under the copyright laws to use Someone else’s intellectual property for commercial gains without the prior notice of the person .

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