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A stand with the Madman Challenge;A New Trend of Fashion On social Media




Well ,If you are not on social media ,you are definitely missing a thing .

Social media has its lifestyle that it gives to users ,especially,the youth .Some use it for business,others also use it for their personal gains,some will also wake up a day and would like to just trend .

A new trend of events have evolve from the 10years back challenge,right to kitchen stool challenge to Old age challenge  .The recent one is A stand with the madman challenge .

What’s it all about ? This is where young guys are seen in pictures standing with madmen .It is not clear what that is supposed to mean ,but when it comes to mentally challenged men ,love is one of things that they require most ,showing love to them  is expedient.

However,have the youth considered the dangers associated with getting closer to these people to the extend of taking pictures with them ?Like I put it ,to the youth ,trending is ultimate to them


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