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A Week Old Bride Goes To Court To Dissolve Her Marriage Due To Unbearable Size Of Husband’s “[email protected]”- Full Story




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A newly wedded housewife has approached the court to end her one-week-old marriage because her husband’s m.anhood is too big.

Aisha Dannupuwa in the petition plea to the the court that she cannot handle the size of her husband’s P£n!s

She informed the Sharia court that she wants to end the her  marriage. The mother of three had told the court that she decided to marry another man after her first marriage Collapsed

Aisha, in her statement, revealed that as tradition demanded, she first moved into her parents’ house and finally into her husband’s home where they had S.£xual intercourse

When he came, we had S£z but the experience was a nightmare.

Instead of enjoying the B0nking , it turned out to be something else because his pen!s was too big,” she told the court.

She disclosed in her narration that after the not-so-good S£.xual experience because of his big manh00d that left her private part in great pain she endured it and took native medication prepared by her mother who assured and encouraged her that she would get used to it.

Two days later when he came to visit me, we had S£z again; but the experience was too much to bear.

It was then I knew that I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his pen!s,” she added.

However, the husband has agreed to his wife’s confession as he further pleads for the one-week-old marriage to be dissolved.

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