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‘Angry’ Facebook Removes Apple’s Verification Blue tick On Its Official Page ? Here Is The Reason




Facebook and Apple are both big names in the tech world and innovation. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook both know the name in India. But nowadays these two big personalities are standing face to face each other. The thing is that both Apple and Facebook are adamant on their words. The battle of the two has reached such an extent that Facebook has removed the blue tick tick from the company’s FB Page, while removing its clown on Apple.

Who gets Blue Tick ?
First of all talk about blue tick, almost all social media users will know that on platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter, big celebrity, company, brand and organization etc. are given blue tick. This blue tick is a proof of their veracity, which shows that the account is genuine and original. Apple also got a similar blue tick several years ago. But Facebook has removed the anger of the tussle with Apple on Apple’s FB account and removed the blue tick from the Apple Facebook page.

This is what the whole case is about facebook….
The reason for this quarrel between Facebook and Apple is the new privacy policy implemented by Apple. Apple has named it “Privacy Nutrition Label”. Under this new policy, before publishing all kinds of apps on the Apple App Store, their developers have to clear what kind of access and permission they will ask for in the phone. That is, the app will use which service is present in the phone and which data will collect, all these information will have to be told in advance

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Before downloading the app from this new policy, the user will know what data is going to be used after downloading the app in the phone and what will be the reason for using it. But WhatsApp is having some problems due to this policy. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. The company says that Apple has made this rule intentionally for third party apps on the App Store, while Apple is not imposing this rule on its own apps.


However, on this question raised by Facebook, Apple has made it clear that this policy will be applicable to all the apps on the App Store, be it Apple’s app itself or third party app. Even after Apple’s reply, WhatsApp and Facebook are not satisfied. And the fret of this is revealed by FB by removing the blue tick from Apple’s Fb page.


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