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Election Was conducted to decide Khadija’s Would -be Husband In Giade Town , Nigeria(Full Story )




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Social media is becoming one of the interesting,but Educative places one would find  comfort ,but laugh over certain happenings .

Having fallen in love with two boys by Khadija of which none of the boys was ready to give up the chase ,the only option to decide her would be husband was voting by the elders and indigens of Bauchi State In Nigeria with the Consent of the lady .

After the Election was done ,Innusa emerged the winner scoring more Votes over his contender Ibrahim .

A Twitter user posted the news on his handle :

Khadija has fallen in love with 2 boys but couldn’t chose 1 between them; none of the boys also ready to accept defeat.

The elders of Giade town, Bauchi State (with Khadija’s request) conducted an election and Inusa scored highest number of votes, against his rival, Ibrahim.

Are you surprised  about  the trend of current happenings ? Probably the world is coming to an end .

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