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Frank James Lampard ,the Best Chelsea player of all time -The character of a manager that Chelsea need




Prior to the season ,Chelsea
were slapped with a banned to sign players ,Eden Hazard,who was the darling boy of the club’s  decision to leave also added salt to Chelsea’s injury coupling with David Luiz’s shocked move to Arsenals . Sari ,the manager at that time ,also left ,then comes Frank Lampard ,almost inexperienced who decided to take the mantle of nagging fans .

Many doubted his prowess and managerial abilities ,I was one ,but today I have to admit and eschew my pride that ,with calmness and support,Frank will become the greatest thing to happen to football.

James Lampard had to find a way of building a formidable team to keep his winning ways ,especially,not to destroy his legendary status.He took a bold decision and recalled Chelsea players on loan –
Mason Mount,Abraham ,Pulisic ,Zouma .Just to mention a few .These were players who couldn’t even pass the test to watch the bench last season,Lampard has now turned them to Gold .

This man began the season badly ,but has gradually gained momentum as the season progresses;that’s the hallmark of every great manager.One  of his games I could sit back and review again was his match against Liverpool.Tho ,Liverpool won the match ,but most of the Chelsea fans went home grinning profusely,because they saw some positives ,they saw cohesion,desire to win and individual repertoire of abilities.

Frank is a generational Manager ,just like PeP and klopp ,these guys are tilted to the youth system ,they do not pay a lot of attentions to experience,but rather view football as one’s ability to endure ,play the game without fatigue and that underpin youthful development .

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Lampard is one of the managers that Develop players ,Mason Mount is Marvelous under him ,Abraham is doing well ,Pulisic is absolutely a beast .He instills confidence in the lads ,Lampard keeps his cool and motivate the boys. When you have such managers ,players play for him ,they always want to keep him alive .

Whatever be the case ,Chelsea should not expect trophies this season,but expect team development,a team begins to gel after almost 8 months ,that’s exactly what Lampard is doing .Next season,Chelsea will be a force to reckon with .When they hit the road ,they will be on top .
Lampard has everything to win another champions league for Chelsea,all that is needed now is calmness and support .

Frank James Lampard – a Great manager to Be 👌

Go Lampard



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