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Hajia Bintu Introduces ‘Bortors Breathing Challenge’ ; Dares Other Ladies To Try (VIDEO)




Hottest Slayqueen in Town, Hajia Bintu has introduced a new method of Slaying with the backside ,she describes this Bortos breathing Technique – a situation where one makes the Bortors to move up and down while standing Straight .Is this not funny ? Well ,that is  the new trend .

Hajia Bintu is basically the commander of real Bortors unlike the Artificial unshakable ones being Carried by some senior slay queens around and making monies out of them ,so we are not shocked to see her with such an act

The move by the Tiktok star ,is to probably expose ladies with unmovable rigid Nyash

Well , it is not Worthy to conclude ,but let us wait Patiently and see if Moesha and others will will join ,It is prove that your Bortors can shake and breath Time , kudos to Hajia Bintu !

See below

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