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Joey Papking — ATTENTION

Lyrics :

Joey Papking — ATTENTION

Joey Papking — ATTENTION

Uhn! Here we go again better than I use to be
Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper u can choose to disagree
Nobody be king for here unless there’s another me
If you cross me and my boys u fit call am a tragedy
Less talking,I do more action
When I hear the beat play e gimme more passion
Realest nigga keep it one hun if no capping,scene no mu ay3 slow me b3 m’ano more capping.
Bro! I’m bringing back the energy just finished my therapy,
My shit dey hit u different other niggas no comedy
Eastern music’s remedy,m’ama ha y3 S3 cemetery,took over the scene and now I’m making it my property.
Many rappers here but Joey spitti different
It’s not about the language but check the way I’m delivering
Affi rap and affi sing everywhere them put me in
All odds against us them still gonna see me win
I’m the reincarnation of BIG and PAC .
Mixed with a little bit of Jay and little bit of Nas
Been ruling since I came I think I’m next of kin to Sark,inspired by Kwesi Arthur that is why I’m powerpacked .
You no go doubt me if you’ve heard of where I’m coming from
Aha we give a fuck bout ur little subs and tantrums
Ebi mo fr3 no trenches bro it’s deeper than a dungeon
Lot of negativities but Saa I for stand strong me against the whole world
My Hommie’s de3 dem no well
Aha it’s only double U’s here we don’t take no L’s
Locked up but no cell,aha y3 hye mpo ky3n hell
The pressure wey dey cook for here my guy Aswear u can’t tell
I’m from a place where we are full of surprises
A place of plenty suffering and untimely demises
Where we live life but don’t know what the price is
All we do is preach but chale none of us dey practice
A lot of them pretend,they want to see your end
Careful not of your enemies but who you call a friend
Lord on you I depend my life is in your hand
I wanna see myself win so on you I depend
Hard times but surely we good
Yesu nti we never go dey loose
Say a prayer then I make a move yeah

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