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Land lady ,Tracy Boakye Of ‘Papa No’ Fame Buys Fresh Camera For Young Blogger ; Shows Video As Prove In Her East Legon Mansion





Actress and entrepreneur, Tracy Boakye who was all over the news during “Papa No” era has put smile on the face of a young blogger by buying him a brand new Camera to start his blogging career.

According to her, the young blogger by name @thekingof bloggers has been pestering her for some days now. He vowed not to stop tagging her on IG until she buys him the camera.
His continues pressure yielded good results as Tracey finally succumbed to his pressure, asked him to DM her his details.

The mother of two said she has been giving back to the society but has not made it known to the public. She does it through @tracyboakyefoundation.

I don’t know this guy from nowhere, @thekingofbloggers but he’s been tagging me to buy him this camera, else he will never stop tagging me, I just saw it 2 Days ago, and bought it for him this morning . He’s a new blogger, and only needed a brand new camera  to work with, so he can feed himself with it. IM SOO HAPPY I MADE HIS DREAM A REALITY. I’ve been doing this for soo many people backdoor but I don’t put it on social [email protected] is always here to put smiles on the needy’s face .” she posted

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