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Man shares his experience with female cousin who came to visit him




A man has cried out on social media after his cousin came to visit him, and he started lusting over her

He writes :

My name is Jacob Eugene, i hail from the eastern part of the country but reside in Lagos State. Couple of years back when i was still younger, my family resided in Port Harcourt. My father’s younger brother was also residing in Port Harcourt then. My father gave birth to three boys while his younger brother gave birth to just one child who is a female, her name is Angela Daniel.

Angela usually visit our house at weekends and we became very close as cousins, her father eventually got transferred to Ghana, as a result they relocated. With the help of social media me and Angela kept communicating, we have become so fond of ourselves to the extend distance wasn’t a barrier in our friendship as cousins. It’s been five years since they relocated and Angela hasn’t visited Nigeria, she eventually decided to visit Nigeria this year to celebrate valentine. She called me to inform me that she will be spending the weekend at my place since i now live alone.

On the day she arrived, i went to the airport to pick her up. I must confess i couldn’t recognise her at first because she looked way beautiful in real life than in pictures. When we got home i prepared a meal and we both ate after which we talked at length, when we were talking i couldn’t help but admire her beauty, Angela is now a very beautiful african woman with a nice physique. She was putting on an armless shirt and shorts which revealed her body.

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On valentine day we went to the beach, whilst we were at the beach i kept staring at Angela lustfully. Deep within i know it’s wrong because we are cousins but i couldn’t help it because she was wearing a bikini. When we left the beach and got home, Angela was still wearing the bikini, at this point i was tempted. I asked her to go and put on a cloth that will cover her body but she refused, she said she is comfortable in the bikini, afterall it’s just the two of house at home.

I was filled with too much emotions, i had to lie to her that i just got a call from my office asking me to travel to Abuja immediately. I left my house and went to lodge in a hotel because i knew with the way i was feeling something might happen if i don’t leave and it’s wrong since we are cousins. Did i make the right decision?”


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