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Opinion: “Three Ways To Get Over Broken Heart”




Broken Heart is actually what it is not ,by this , I am actually saying , it is a state of mind ,not necessarily the heart that is being  broken , it is Simply used to refer to extreme grief or sorrow usually caused by death or the ending of a romantic relationship ,this means that , Broken Heart is Basically a Psychological thing,is your Hearts is physically Broken today ,You cannot be alive !

Here , I would stick to the ending of Romantic relationship ,this is because ,it is actually becoming a common thing amongst the youth, who actually jump into every relationship in the name of love ,they actually abuse “Love” , many have suffered this ordeal , yet , they did not have quick solution- and -how to get over this ,note that ,it is not easy ,but one needs to be mentally strong to overcome it

Have you ever gone through  such situation? If yes ,how did you get over it ? If no , do not worry ,you might, and if you do, make sure you get over it to avoid unusual Consequences

All that I am putting here are Personal opinions , and Observation and few research on the topic, to overcome broken heart you need to ,

* Put Every Material Thing Out Of Sight

There is the saying that , out of sight , out of love , do you get it ? Most at times , people who seriously are in love , spend times admiring photos and things they got from their Partners, sometime ,they spend the whole day observing their photos, and finding happiness in them ,this is actually going to hunt you if they left you ,you will spend the whole day Crying while observing which you usually laughed over or grin

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When confronted with such ,you need to discard all  material things  ; Birthday gifts , photos, sweet text messages and almost everything . This way ,you have moved a step closer to forgetting them ,you got it ?

* Find Solace
This is serious point that needs careful implementation , finding solace actually means finding something that will replace your happiness lost . You may be someone who likes football ,you might love movies (do not watch love movies during the period ) , Chatting etc
In this case ,you might have many knocking at your door for relationship ,do not just jump into to it for happiness ,or just to make them feel jealous ,you might be stupid trying to compete with your ex ,they are not your enemies, just that , You  guys were not , maybe , compatible
Channel your Energy to doing something that will keep you busy !

* Lastly ,Find Professional Counsellor

Be careful with who you discuss your issue, do not go to any other person ,but Professional Counsellors ,some Counsellors may take advantage of your situation ,be vigilant!

Wait ! Whatever the Counsellor tells you , the truth is ,they are going to leave the choice for you !

Good luck


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