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Professor Gyampo Harassed me sexually when I was a student at UG -Dela Goldheart (Former Student )




In the heart of the Sex for Grades fiasco that has hit the nation.Many University lecturers are interdicted in the said Documentary by BBC .Notable among them is Professor Gyampo from the University of Ghana Political science department.

However,the professor has come out to deny the allegations levied against him.But it looks like most ladies who were victims were of such harassment have come out to tell how they suffered in the hands of these lecturers ,One lady ,who can be identify on Facebook as ,Dela GoldHeart ,a feminist advocate ,tells her menace that she went through in the hands of Professor Gyampo ,she wrote :


In 2013, a year before I will graduate, I started my long essay process (the Long essay is like a thesis or dissertation that final year students write before they graduate). Part of the process demanded that the department assign me a lecturer to supervise my work. Students had no or very little say in who gets to be their supervisor. Unfortunately for me, Prof. Gyampo was assigned me as my supervisor. I knew from day one that I was dead when I saw his name against mine on the notice board. This is a man who has been pestering me since level 100, how was I going to survive? But part of me kept faith. I argued in my mind that it’d been a while, and probably, he forgot and forgave me for not accepting his advances. But Prof. Gyampo had neither forgotten nor forgiven me. He made sure I understood that I either come to prepare the okro soup for him or I will suffer. I went to see him several times in his office. And in each of our meetings, he was so hostile. Even a simple spelling mistake will make him insult me for several minutes. In one of those meetings, Prof. Gymapo asked me if I was thinking I will graduate. That was when I knew that he had made up his mind. I simply walked out without saying a word. We were done: I was not going to sleep with him even if it meant giving up the long essay.

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In the next few weeks and the months, before we were supposed to graduate, I tried very hard to find another supervisor. Most of them said that they could not do anything to help me because the department assigns supervisors. Even if they could help, they did not want to make an enemy of a colleague. So I was left alone. I went to see the head of department at the time. He was a man who didn’t smile a lot. He was not friendly or helpful. Finally, I went to a professor I admire a lot. He agreed to help me off the books. But each time I went to see him, we only talked about how pretty I looked, how my colleagues were more willing to give what they had to get what they wanted, and how his wife could never guess that he cheats. I saw many boys/men bring him drinks as a bribe. I guess they could not sleep with him like the girls. I loved and hated our conversations. On one hand, they opened my eyes to a great deal of the world around me that I didn’t know about. On the other hand, they made men and the world look cruel to me.

Gradually, I came to learn that Prof. Gyampo is not an exception. He is just following the tradition of those before him and around him. Lecturers were so desperate to sleep with female students that, even when you said you couldn’t while in school, they will tell you that they will wait on you.
I ended up giving up on my long essay; I never finished. I had three people to help, but all three demanded to sleep with me. What would you have done if you were in my shoes?
The BBC article on the sexual harassment in West African universities this week said that some women could not complete school because they could not satisfy the sexual demands of their professors. It is true. Those women are not lying. A year after we completed school, I returned to the department for a recommendation letter. I met Prof. Gyampo on one of the occasions on which I came to the department for a recommendation. I was leaving one of the good professors’ office (I said good because he never made any advance toward me, and he always supported me to do my best while in the school), and Prof. Gyampo saw me. He asked about what I was there to do. I said I was there for a recommendation letter to go to law school. He said, how was that possible when I did not graduate. I smiled and told him that I graduated. He insisted I didn’t. I could understand his frustration at that moment. He thought he had successfully destroyed my life. I took the opportunity and explained to him that, even though I could not finish my long essay under him, I was still able to graduate because I maintained a credit that was above the limit throughout my education. I will be lying if I say I did not enjoy the shock on his face.

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