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Read :No Salary Increment in January ; Public Sector Workers Complain Bitterly , What is the way forward ?




Like Usually , Public Workers through Negotiations by workers Unions and Fair wages and Salaries Commission, have to adjust minimum wage which obviously reflects on Salaries of workers across the board , especially ,the public sector

This Negotiations , which ,precedes the new year , and  obviously takes effect on January Salaries to augment living conditions ,has become a norm

One thing that is apparent is , for the past years now , government has negotiated and paid Fully Salary Adjustments on January of every new year ; Increment which oscillates between 10-11 Percent annually on base pay, our checks reveal

Currently ,Ghana’s Daily minimum wage sits around GHC11.80 , thus, $2 accros the various sectors of the economy

However ,it appears this year ,workers have not received  any Salary Increment , thus , adjustment which has generated a lot of talks , especially , teachers

One may ask ,why Teachers ? Well ,the answer is obvious and does not warrant any delve into it

Many Teachers have taken to various platforms to express their displeasures , especially as school resumes and have not received any increment on Salaries ,this ,some believe ,will bring untold hardship on them ,has intercepted some of these complains and as usual ,has made them available

Well, our check indicates , Government will certainly sit with the various Unions to discuss on the way forward and how the situation would be resolve , maybe , government would pay arrears,but for now , January Salary Voucher for Validation ,has no reflection on Salary Increment.

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