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Reggie Rockstone Responds To Promzy’s Hip-life Ownership Claims — Full Story



The ‘GrandPapa’,Reggie Rockstone has responded to claims of ownership of the Hiplife genre by Former member of music group VIP now VVIP.

Claiming ownership of genres and music trends has been the backbone of many Ghanaian music industry feuds.Although music is dynamic and grows as it get influence by other genres,artists in Ghana have often claimed originating of genres.

Amongst these feuds and frictions on ownership of music are the beefs between Obrafuor/Reggie and Sydney, that of Lord Kenya/Obrafuor and the recent one between Reggie Rockstone and Prompt of former VIP all on the ownership and origin of the Hiplife genre.

There has been brewing badblood between Promzy and Reggie with Promzy accusing Reggie For Orchestrating his exit from VIP.Reggie joined the group and renamed it VVIP and since then the two haven’t known peace.

In a Facebook post ,Promzy subtly jabbed Reggie and claimed that VIP are solely the originators of the Hiplife genre.”We were originators of the Ghanaian music genre until “whoever” or “whomever” came from nowhere claiming ownership” he said.

The bullet released reached its target man as just days after Reggie Rockstone has also replied his claim in a Facebook post.His response although measured also informs the reader that Promzy was nowhere to be found when he was making his exploits in the Hiplife genre.

His subliminal shot to Promzy whom he replaced in the group read “WHEN ME AND MY CREW WERE FRONT PAGE FOR THE CORN EEN BACK SUM NO HOLD MIC SAF YET! DEN DEM DEY HELP U FILL VISA FORMS 😂 #trollstone @sonpoult FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YA🙏🏿”.

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