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“Sakawa” Boy Runs For Help Because His Smaller “god” Eats Too Much “Kafa”




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Young Man, who wants to remain anonymous, has shared his ordeal with Popular Ghanaian Facebook Page ,Igra

According to the Young man who is into Sakawa (illegal means of defrauding people Online) , his friend introduced him to a Mallam in Nigeria who gifted him a smaller “god” to be used for his acts

He Noted that since the deity was given to him things have started moving on well ,he has made enough Monies,but his worry has to do with the fact that the deity eats too much of a local food called ” Kafa” – It is actually made with miaze

He says ,his hectic now is ,he has to go round from Mamkessim to Kasoa to Nima to be able to feed the deity

Per his claims, he contacted his friend so he returned the deity ,but he was told he would die if he tried such

However, for the past three days ,he has refused to feed the deity due to that he is almost seeing some signs of hallucinations etc

Therefore; he is asking for help to be able to get rid of the smaller god

Here is what he wrote :

Hello Iqra please help save me. A friend introduced me to this online sorcerer who has helped my friend to get a lot of clients and made a lot of money. This sorcerer is from Nigeria but his works I can attest to through my friend’s breakthrough. So we tried my own but e never work so we had to go to Nigeria and meet the man, after I came back to Ghana, everything is moving on smoothly. I also had a lot of clients, started building 2 houses at a fo and I am doing so good. The only unfortunate thing why I’m here in your inbox with my story is, the the photos I have sent you Iqra, don’t share all due to the sensitivity of the story but please share the one that has a kaafa (wrapped tz-like in a leave) please share only that one because it’s the reasons why I’m here. The man gave me a smaller God and the only thing the smaller God eats it’s kaafa as you can see in one of the photos I want you to share please. I live in mankessim so I had to be coming all the way to either kasoa the zongonarea to buy it and sometimes I don’t get some I for got Nima and buy some or shukula. Iqra, I’m tired and I want you to let your mallam Bawku to help me do away with this smaller gods

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I doscus with my friend who link the man to me and took me to Nigeria that I’m no more interested but my friend says I will die if I stop giving the smaller gods kaafa but for the passed 3 days I haven’t and it’s like I’m dreaming of going mad and sometimes I see it happening like I’m hallucinating  pease Iqra let the mallam Bawku help me. I even called one osofo who is good at breaking idols and destroying smaller gods call osofo kyiri abosom but the money he is charging me is too much if he comes to mankessim here and though I can pay but I’m scared too please Iqra help



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