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Sarkodie Speaks About Calls To Join Fix GHANA Mantra -Screenshoot



Rapper Sarkodie has finally shared his opinion on the ongoing #fixthecountry and #fixyourself agenda which has taken Ghanaian space for the past week.

The youth in the country are demanding better living conditions from the leaders of the country

A lot of celebrities have joined the campaign demanding proper management of the economy. Sarkodie joins other celebrities to share his opinion on the campaign

In his submission, he said since the beginning of his career, he has always supported #fixthecountry and #fixyourself agenda through music but politicians and followers of political party politicize his opinions.

According to him, he normally do not explain himself because people with political ear and eyes will never accept and try attack his submission. He believes that’s the reason the country has become stagnant.

He further said the leaders can only blame the citizens and tell them to fix their attitudes if only they fix the system because it takes exceptionally discipline people to try and live right in an all messed up system that frustrates the day to day activities of the citizens.

I’ve always supported #Fixthecountry and #Fixyourself agenda since beginning of my career through my music. I know they(politicians and political party followers) intentionally politicize my opinions (even when they know it’s the truth)  to save their party. I don’t explain myself because people with political ears and eyes will never accept it and try to attack my submission and that has been our biggest problem as a country and that’s one of the main reasons why we are stagnant. We all play a role in building our nation so I support both the #fixthecountry( to leaders)  and #fixyourself(citizens) but at this point, leaders (government) has more to do for citizens to fix themselves. It takes exceptionally discipline people to try and live right in an all messed up system that frustrates your day to day to day activities. If you fix the system, then you can blame the people 100% for not fixing themselves and that’s why you are a leader. Fixing the country automatically fix the people. God bless my country Ghana” he said

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