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Shatta Wale Is A Solid Brand ‘Period’ Infinix Ghana Replies A Commenter Who Thinks The Artist Uses Juju For Company Deals




Shatta Wale Is A Solid Brand ‘Period, this was a response to Mr. Barnes who quizzes Infinix Ghana about Shatta Wale as their brand ambassador. chanced on a post of Mr. Barnes on twitter asking a weird question about Shatta Wale’s recent Infinix Ghana award received.

According to Mr. Barnes he’s certain that Shatta Wale uses juju on companies for lucrative deals and after, the said companies’ products got sold out or the company receives an award.

One will ask what was his intentions for asking, maybe he’s being sarcastic on Shatta Wale’s sold out thing

Shatta Wale has this crazy team sold out (fanbase) who will go all out for him to achieve his set goals. The moment a company signed him on, that products is automatically a sold out. With little investigation done, fans even sold their iPhone and Samsung for Hot 8 pro, who does that, loyal fans ever in Africa.

So, in his case, his wondering how he does it so simple if not juju? Infinix Ghana gave him a reply which I believe is the best answer to the question, Shatta Wale’s brand is indeed a solid one.

He did it for Kasapreko, Storm SM energy, and now Infinix, his influence is huge to accept by mere minds.

Mr. Barnes wrote; Yo guys.. let’s be real… I say Shatta Wale dey use juju. Once a company signs him p3… den dem dey short product or start dey claim awards.. life wtf

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