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Shatta wale Talks About His 2 Nominations At MTV Base Awards 2021 ; Here Is What He Said




Shatta wale Speaks about his two Nominations at this year’s MTV Base Music awards

The king of African Dancehall Nominated for best Collaboration and fans Base awards ,thus ,only Ghanaian artist to bag Collaboration

Reacting to the good news ,he took to Facebook to write a long thesis ,he said :


The Most Influential and Enviable Artist’s Fan Base that Every Artist dream of !!

We’re the most “Hated” Fan Base Because of how we Support our artist wholeheartedly!
Through Rain, Through Shine, Through Hell, Through Pains, Through Joy,
We Always Stand by Our Artist % !

We’re So Passionate about Our Artist and his works!
With no doubt, the 90% Things about Fandom you see in this industry today was Created by Shatta Movement!
We’re the Inventors of all the street fandom you see today!

We Make Sure We Shoot our artist into the Stars ✨
No matter how Cheap the Media Label Our Artist,
We make sure we Brand our Artist expensively and sell him to the Globe!
We Don’t care How you rate our things,
We Don’t care how many times you downplay our Efforts,
When We Aim for something, We Make Sure We Achieve it, no matter How Far it may look from Us!
We Dig Black Diamond  Out From “Korle Gonnor” Gutter,

Polish it in the Ghettos of “Nima” And Sell it to World Icons like Beyoncé in US
And when She added it to her Project , she was like; Wow.. This Black Diamond is really a nice a “Gift”.. I’ll name it “Black Is King”

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Charlie no long Parables, you know what I’m talking about A L R E A D Y !!!

When Our Blaze Hit Them so hard, they tried to quench our fire, they tried to Kill our morale by tagging us as Illiterates, Drug addicts, School Dropouts, Thieves, Aimless, So on and so on !
Just because they envying how we support our artist so exquisitely!!

But the Truth is Our Playing ground is their Dreamland,
Our Past glories are their Widest Dreams!
The First and only artist Fan Base to win Domestic Award For “Fan Army of the Year” Back to Back!! By 3Music Awards!

Again! The First Ghanaian Artist Fan Base to Be nominated for an International Award,
Not just on any award Scheme, But on a huge international platform like MTV
Shatta Wale’s SHATTA MOVEMENT Did this!

This international Nomination is a clear indication that,
SHATTA MOVEMENT is the Biggest and the greatest Artist’s Fan Base ever to come out from this country!!

Legendary Song writer Panji Anoff was Right,
He said he has followed Ghana Music for ages!
From the time of Osabisa to J.A Obuoba Adofo to KK Kabobo to Nana Ampadu to Ebo Taylor to Kojo Antwi to Daddy Lumba up to Today!
He has never seen any Ghanaian artist with a full force of an army As Huge as Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement as a Fan Base In the history of Ghana Music industry and that was a rare FACT!
The most Painful bitter Truth that many Hate to Accept!!

But whether you accept it or Not, Records and numbers Don’t Lie!!
We’re Ruling this industry from local to international!
The Only international Recognized Artist Fan Base In Ghana!
Swallow it Or Vomit It Out,
We’re Reigning on You and It’s FOREVER!!



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