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Tears Flow : Man Goes To His Girlfriend With His Friends To Propose ,but Found Another Man Ch.opping Her Hard ; Sad VIDEO Drops




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The world is becoming something and it is almost difficult to trust anyone around you

The case where many  people love and Wallow in it is becoming a thing of the past

The resurgence of Social Media comes with a whole lot of drama and baffling happenings across the world

Could you imagine a man who stormed his girlfriend’s house to Propose with his friends ended up in Tears?

Apparently , from the video available , the young man and his friends found the lady through the window with another inside and from the look of things ,she was on her needs and giving another man Serious bl0w.job

subsequently ,they videod her and later began to make a noise which alerted the lady

Obviously ,the young man could be seen disappointed and sitting ,one could sense he was clearly in Tears

See below

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