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The Outbreak Of CoronaVirus Is the Reason the Cedi is doing well,Those who disagree are illiterates and Politically Myopic – Franklin Cudjoe Backs NDC Sammy Gyamfi




Recently ,the Ghana cedis has been doing well against  some major currencies in the world , especially ,the United states of America Dollar.

Many have asked whether it was Government’s interventions that has led to the the massive appreciation of the Ghana cedi.

NDC’S National communications director , Sammy Gyamfi revealed that it was because of the outbreak of the CoronaVirus in China that has had tremendous effects on the appreciation of the cedi against the dollar .This view has led to a lot of economic arguments from both Npp and NdC . Sammy Gyamfi argued that importation of Goods from China has reduced in recent days ,therefore; reducing the pressure on the Ghana cedi consequently its appreciation .

One person that has waded into the debate to defend NdC Sammy Gyamfi is the founding President and CEO of IMANI Africa , Franklin Cudjoe .

Speaking on TV3 on Hot issues ,he described persons who disagree with the effects of the outbreak of the CoronaVirus on the appreciation of the cedi as illiterates and Politically Myopic .

It should be noted that Franklin Cudjoe is part of the committee that government set up to look into the depreciation of the cedi .


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