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Video :Kneeling to propose to a woman makes you a fool. – Pete Edochie




With civilisation growing fast and cultures been borrowed ,It is becoming an interesting fashion to see young guys proudly proposing marriage to ladies while  kneeling down .

The crux of the whole situation is to see them doing so whilst  recording for social media trends ,most at times some ‘end in Tears ‘

Veteran Nigerian Actor ,Pete Edochie ,has said any man who kneels down to propose to a woman is not only a fool but an idiot .

He argued that ,ones a man kneels in front of a woman to propose ,he has sold his pride as the head of the family .

He says ,most men living overseas are deported for women to take over their properties because they kneel down to propose to those women hence selling their pride to them .

To him ,such practices are the cultures of the white man and has no place in ours .

He says if a man refuses to heed to the advise and he lose his properties they would sympathize with him .

Do you share similar thought ?

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