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VIP Are The Originators of Hiplife;Prmozy Sets The Records Straight





Promzy,member of defunct music group VIP who has now rebranded as Promzy Afrika has in a Facebook post set the records straight on who the originators of Ghanaian music genre hiplife are.

The Ghanaian hip life genre is a music style that fuses Ghanaian original sound and culture with hip hop.Predominant in the time when the genre was at its peak were artists like Castro,Obrafour,Tinny, VIP ,Okomfuor Kwadee and Reggie Rockstone.

In the Facebook post sighted,Promzy called on the youth of Ghana to embrace and educate themselves with history on the music genre.He said his former group VIP were originators of the Ghanaian music genre until “whoever” or “whomever” came from nowhere claiming ownership.The last sentence subtly directed to Reggie Rockstone.

‘The Grandpapa’ as he’s being called is a title which has been given to Reggie Rockstone to imply that he’s the originator and pioneer of the genre.This title of ownership however has bred frictions amongst other artists including Promzy and Reggie.

Promzy has not seen eye to eye with Reggie after he blamed the latter for the fallouts with his group VIP.Reggie quickly joined the group after the exit of Promzy Renaming it VVIP and they released “Book of Hiplife ‘ a song that documents the major pioneers of the genre.

Continuing in his quest to educate the youth,Promzy asked the youth to be hardworking in the music business as the group VIP was.His lengthy but interesting write up on Facebook is below

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