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Young Man Who Stormed Ashaw0 Joint To Eat With Five Ghana Cedis Humiliated Woefully (VIDEO)




Young Man Who Budgeted Five Cedis For Hook-up Humiliated By The Customers

Hook-up is obviously becoming common now a days ,tho the act is illegal , various means and ways have popped up online where one can easily arranged for a customer and eat well by making payment

Ashaw0s have Humiliated young man who went for hook-up with Five Ghana Cedis which obviously cannot buy even kelewele

This Young man decided to go and eat and pay only Five Ghana Cedis , but was caught and Humiliated by group of Ashaw0s

From the video ,the Ashaw0s can be heard running commentaries over the nature and imoverish appearance of  the boy

It is obvious the guy had joined hookup group where he took the number and went to eat with 5 cedis as a budget


However ,the video has attracted a lot of Backlash online by Netizens who have  described the situation and recording inappropriate


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